Thursday, November 29, 2012

Le Sportif

This outfit feels kind of sporty to me, what with it’s combination of rugby stripes, plaid and lace-up shoes:

Could I, in fact, play sports in this?  Hell no.  Unless, of course, “hobbled running” or “falling over” are sports, then I’d be a world champion for sure.

I like to think I’d also be a world champion at pattern mixing; I love the plaid skirt (vintage via Goodwill) paired with the striped sweater (Gap via Goodwill).  I also added a thrifted belt, Nine West booties (TJ Maxx) and burgundy tights (Hue).  It wasn’t actually cold enough for tights today, but I hadn’t shaved my legs (it’s winter, people, and I’m single) and I needed someplace to tuck my sweater.

Honestly, I don’t know how other bloggers tuck their sweaters and manage to remain so svelte.  Without the tights I looked like I was smuggling sausages in my undies.  I’m still a bit lumpy with the tights, but those could be Gracey-lumps, not sweater-lumps, so who knows?

Do any of you have any advice for tucking sweaters without looking like a smoked meats smuggler?  Or is it just foolhardy to try?

Happy Thursday, All!