Thursday, December 5, 2013

Before the snow ... (+ The Palace of Metropolitan Luxury fashion show)

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                                                                                                 shoes: giordano torresi,
                                                                                                 pants: pull&bear,
                                                                                                 sweater: h&m,
                                                                                                 coat: thanks to sheinside / here,
                                                                                                 bracelet: zara (thank you Milica),
                                                                                                 bracelet: Morellto here,
                                                                                                 watch: Morellato / here,
                                                                                                 ph. Masa

Couple weeks ago, before my trip, I made several looks and this one is the last that I didn't publish. Leopard shoes, jeans in olive green and coat with golden buttons.
Do you like it?

                                                                           And great news for Serbian readers:

                                                INES atelier, Ana Ljubinkovic, Tamara Radivojevic, Dejana Momcilovic

Kao velikog obožavaoca hotela i njihovih enterijera, dodatno me je obradovao poziv za reviju koji sam dobila pre par nedelja.
Ono što nas očekuje u narednom periodu je The Palace of Metropolitan Luxury / modna revija i VIP koktel koji će se održati u sredu, 18.12. sa početkom u 20:00h u fenomenalnom lobiju hotela Metropol u Beogradu.
Hotel Metropol Palace je vrlo brzo nakon otvaranja postao središte društvenog života prestonice, i kao takav, predstavlja idealno mesto koje može da ugosti različite događaje.
Ovoga puta, priznati modni dizajneri kao što su: Ana Ljubinković, Ines Janković/Ines Atelier, Tamara Radivojević, Dejana Momčilović,  Iva Stefanović, Jelena&Svetlana Proković/Cipele Lilu – Danijela Biškup, Ratt by Ritta Attala (grčka dizajnerka koja dolazi u Beograd na poziv Metropola) i Boško Jakovljević za Martini Vesto predstaviće svoju interpretaciju luksuza.

A jedna pozivnica (koja važi za dve osobe) za prvi red je razlog zbog čega sam rešila da sve ovo podelim sa vama. :)
Ukoliko volite modu, i želite da posmatrate iz prvog reda nove kreacije neke od naših najboljih dizajnera, potrebno je samo da ostavite komentar sa email adresom u ovom postu. Možete se prijaviti do 12.12. nakon čega ću uz pomoć odabrati dobitnika. :)

Monster Boobs

I’m afraid that this top:

Makes my chestal region look like the chestal region of Roz, from Monsters, Inc.: 

Image via

 I know I should steer clear of clothing that makes any part of my anatomy look as though they belong to a saggy-chested monster, but I just can’t quit this sweater.  It’s warm, I think the draped aspect is cool (in spite of what it does to the girls) and I like the color.

I also like how it looks in today’s outfit:

I think the moss green of the top works well with the neutral layers and with the shiny layers of the necklaces.  
I guess what I’m saying is, monster boobs be damned, folks, I like this sweater, and I’m going to keep wearing it.

Happy Thursday, All!


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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New in: DKNY bag ...

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And if you wondered what I brought with me from Stockholm (besides lovely memories and tons of photos) here is a small report! ;)
Lace dress from Zara (which never arrived at our stores), some TBS facial creams that I already use and this beauty from DKNY in gray.
Do you like it?

Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget, Dearest Reader Friends, to enter my Blue Nile Giveaway!  You can win one of these lovely sterling silver necklaces:

If you haven't already, you can enter here.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Exit before Winter - FW

hebergeur image

      Last Exit before Winter - FW

      Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Roses Bouquet Girl - Paris FW

hebergeur image

      Roses Bouquet Girl with a silver ear - les Tuileries - Paris

      Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Literary Stylings # 6

This outfit is based on the character of Caesar Flickerman from Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins:


How so?  Well, he has blue hair and I’m wearing a blue hat.  And I’m pretty sure he loves shiny stuff so I’m wearing a shiny blue sweatshirt.  But, it’s my Caesar Flickerman Weekend Look so instead of pairing it with equally shiny blue pants that I don’t own but obviously need, I paired it with plaid:

Unfortunately, I think the resulting look is less “Caesar Flickerman On The Weekend,” and more “glitter grunge.”  Which is a thing I just accidentally invented but kind of love.  Seriously, folks, Glitter Grunge could totally be my new aesthetic as well as the name of my new all-female grunge band; we’ll cover Nirvana (because of course), Hole and Garbage.  It will be both dark and glittery.

Enough of that nonsense (though I suspect we’ll revisit it at some point), let’s get back to my look.  Caesar Flickerman is my favorite and I adore how Stanley Tucci plays him with those giant Chiclet teeth of his.  That’s not an insult; I love big teeth and big smiles.  And I love Caesar Flickerman and my Caesar Flickerman-inspired outfit:

Glitter Grunge, FTW!!

And now on to you, Reader Friends.  Did you read a book last month?  Are you wearing an outfit inspired by that book?  Well, then, please link up below:

Happy Tuesday, All! 


Week(s) through Instagram 12 ...

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                                                                                             ph. via

Before I start publishing photos from beautiful Stockholm, I wanted to share some posts from my drafts.
First on the list is the one with photos from the Instagram. :) You know how much I love this network.
So, let's start!
1.collage - some details from my homeworking office :), favorite hat from INES atelier and some new make up from NYX (which I'm planning to show you in separated post);
2. photo - fresh flowers
3. photo - Trussardi My name perfume, its gorgeous!
4. collage - enjoying the weekend with macaroons and Vogue Spain, testing Samsung Galaxy Gear during the fashion week, work time at Usce Shopping Center, beautiful Belgrade, Svet & Style features;
5. photo - grocery shopping at night, favorite penne, snacks and of course Ariel (cause I'm a super woman ;));
6. photo - yummy Bruschetta from lovely place Smokvica;
7. collage - photo for Lifestyle Serbia project (check Here), look of the day, featured in Textil funzine magazine, great day with lovely blogger from Croatia Ivana (better known as Make it blonde).
8. photo - the best whipped cream ever is definitely in Pozarevac ;) .

Lorie - place Vendôme - Paris

hebergeur image

      Lorie - place Vendôme - Paris

      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris
  hebergeur image

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekends ...

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                                                                                              ph. me

Where to start? :)
Enjoy in the photos from this weekend that I made and read the story bellow. :)

Well, last three weeks were more than crazy and I have pretty good excuse for not updating this little place.
My mom broke her arm at work and two days after that, my boyfriend broke his Achilles tendon during the basketball game. Two bad things at once. Luckily, they are feeling good now but their recovery will be long. So, during this period I've became some sort of nurse/cleaning lady and master chef, three in one. :) Just for the record, not complaining!
Besides this, good thing happened too, I was in Stockholm for several days with my dear friend Jelena (you know her from our trip to Paris and other hangs out) and can't wait to show you all the photos. This time, we made some sort of outfit post on our trip. :) And if you are impatient, you can check some photos on our Instagram profiles @vanjaam and @jelenakarakas.
And I almost forgot, last Friday I celebrated my 28th birthday! Big girl!
Now, are you forgiving me? :)

Things to notice/read:
- my New Year's resolution in December issue of Elle Serbia
- my Instagram photo (with the interview that I made in November issue) also at Elle
-  interview in Serbian Here (if you wanna know something more about me :))
- featured on Here
and that's it.

New look will be soon, stay tuned! :)

Blue Nile Giveaway

This is my new vintage sweater dress:

I love it because I can pretend it's teal in certain lights, because it looks fantastic with orange tights and because... buttons: 


But, enough about the dress, let's talk giveaway.  

Although you can't see it, because my hair decided to eat it, I am actually wearing this Blue Nile sterling silver branch necklace:

Branch Necklace in Sterling Silver - image via Blue Nile

Isn't it lovely?  The fine folks at Blue Nile were kind enough to send me a necklace and sent another for one of my readers.  It's part of their "Get One, Give One" campaign for the holidays.

But, because I love my Readers, I've decided to give away m personal necklace as well, so everyone will have two chances to win.  You can either keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend or loved one; they make perfect stocking stuffers!

So, how do you win?  It's easy.  Just follow Fashion for Giants either with Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin' (see the buttons on the sidebar) and leave a comment below saying you've done so.  I will choose two winners on Friday evening so make sure you check back Saturday to see if you've won.

Happy Monday, All!  And good luck!


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hanneli - Fashion Week - Paris

hebergeur imagehebergeur imagehebergeur image

      Hanneli Mustaparta - Fashion Week - Paris

      En voyant ces photos d'Hanneli la magnifique, je me souviens de la Fashion Week et 
      de son ambiance si particulière. Je me souviens qu'elle déteste qu'on la prenne en 
      photo sans qu'on lui demande si elle est d'accord au préalable. Je me souviens 
      qu'elle a un tatouage au poignet droit que je n'arrive pas à déchiffrer et que
      j'aimerais bien savoir ce qu'il y est écrit ... Simple curiosité.

      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Ulyana - École de Médecine - Paris

hebergeur image

      Ulyana - École de Médecine - Paris

     Who is able to wear braces with a so stylish result except Ulyana ?

      Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Friday, November 29, 2013

November’s Books & A Link Up Reminder

I did a bit of traveling this month so I picked up some easier reads than in previous months.  And because I spent quite a bit of time in planes and cars, I was able to get through five of them. 

Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill

I have a confession to make; I like to read Stephen King.  I know he doesn’t tackle women’s issues like my beloved Margaret Atwood, but I like him.  I re-read the Dark Tower series every few years and remain a huge fan of It, The Talisman and The Stand.  Well, Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son and that’s how I ended up reading this book.  It is a horror story and it wasn’t bad, but I definitely prefer his father’s work.  That being said, if you like horror and think King is overwrought (he is NOT, btw), you might like Hill.

Bangkok 8, by John Burdett

This is a mystery novel set in Bangor, Maine.  Hahahaha, just kidding.  It’s a mystery novel set in Bangkok, Thailand and is a quick, easy read.  As long you don’t mind the narrator telling you all the things you don’t understand because you’re a spiritually unenlightened Westerner.

Bangkok Tattoo, by John Burdett

This book is the sequel to Bangkok 8 and is narrated by the same Thai police detective who thought Westerners were unenlightened jerks in the first book.  He still thinks Westerners are unenlightened jerks.

Boomsday, by Christopher Buckley

Wow.  Okay, the premise of this book is horrible, but given the current issues facing Social Security, you can see why the author came up with it.  It being a plan to incentivize baby boomers to euthanize themselves by a certain age to keep the Social Security Administration, and the Federal Government, from going bankrupt trying to pay social security to the millions of boomers set to retire all at once.  It was... interesting.  Buckley is, of course, the author of Thank You For Smoking, so it’s very much a satire, but it was still a disturbing one.

Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins

I'm guessing there is not a lot I can tell you about this book that you'd don't already know.  Unless, of course, you've been on an ice breaker in the North Pole for the past five or so years without any access to the internet or a library.  In which case, welcome back and read this book.  Start with The Hunger Games first though, okay?  As for me, I just re-read this book in preparation for watching the movie sometime over this long holiday weekend.

I'm not sure which of these book will be my inspiration for my Literary Stylings Link Party, but it is definitely still on for Tuesday and I hope you all can join in!  Want to learn more about it?  You can find the rules, such as they are, here.

Happy Friday, All!