Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inspired By: Half-Naked Models and Hobbits

The majority of my outfit is inspired by this Guess ad:

Guess Fall 2012 - Image via Bloggers.com

And here is my version:

Luxury Rebel "Yuma" - Image via 6pm.com

As you can see, my brooding, half-naked male model failed to show and I went ahead and buttoned my shirt, but otherwise I think we can agree that I pretty much nailed this recreation.

For my version of the look, I paired a sheer, pleated skirt (Pleione via Nordstrom Rack) with a silk houndstooth blouse (Jones New York, thrifted).  I added my replacement black booties (Luxury Rebel “Yuma” via Piperlime), a vintage Monet bracelet (via Red Fox Vintage) and what I refer to as my “Eye of Sauron” belt (vintage, thrifted).

The name for the belt is inspired by this image from Lord of the Rings:

Eye of Sauron - Image via LOTR Wiki

And yes, it does make my pelvis all-seeing; thank you for asking.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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