Friday, February 24, 2012

FBFF for February 24

As Katy Rose of Modly Chic followed along with all the NYFW posts and tweets it got her thinking... so much of what we bloggers do is all about the tools that we use. Technology certainly makes what we do easier, even if it is sometimes a major pain.

To that end, this week’s FBFF questions are regarding technology.  Which is interesting to me solely because it’s not at all interesting to me.  I’m not technologically savvy and I don’t really care to be.  I know it might help my blog grow if I used Twitter or Pinterest or Chictopia, but it’s just not me.  If I were to use those tools it wouldn’t be because I have an honest interest in them, and I try not to associate my blog with anything unless I have an honest interest in it.  Should I fake it to make?  Maybe.  Could I?  I don’t think so.

That being said, obviously I understand that technology can be useful, especially to bloggers.  I wouldn’t have a blog without the Internets and computers.  Below are my responses about the technology I do use.

1. What are the tools you use to blog?

A computer and a camera.  The computer is just a regular old desktop.  The camera is a Nikon Coolpix L110.  I also have a tripod but luckily am not often forced to take my own photos.  I’m not even sure a tripod is considered technology nowadays, but it was cutting edge back when cavewomen were cooking stuff over an open fire.

Which is actually one of the things I don’t like about technology; I hate how quickly things become obsolete.  It drives me absolutely crazy.

2. What technology item is on your wish-list?

I should probably get a laptop.  In case I ever want to post while on vacation and stuff.

3. Through the barrage of posts, tweets, pics, poses, messages, etc... how do you avoid becoming a slave to the constant infiltration of information?

Easy, I don’t subscribe to Facebook or Twitter so I’m not constantly receiving tweets, updates, etc.  I’ve opted out of receiving emails when some one comments on my blog.  Really, as is evidenced in my answer to question # 1, I only use the bare minimum of technology that allows me to blog and interact with readers/other bloggers.

For more posts on blogging and technology, head on over to Modly Chic.  And if you want even more, I’d suggest this post at Destrehan’s Daughter; I found it very interesting.