Friday, February 17, 2012

At a Loss for Words

I’m pretty much at a loss for words regarding today’s outfit.  Not because it’s bad or anything, I just don’t have much to say about it.  So, I’m going to ramble on about some other things until I get tired.  First though, the clothes; this is a personal style blog after all:

See?  I wore a completely unsurprising combination of leggings (Ross), a tunic (Gap) and a sweater (wool, thrifted).  Even the addition of a cashmere scarf (Nordstrom) and riding boots (Vince Camuto via Nordstrom) isn’t that exciting.  But, it was warm and comfortable and these boots are finally (finally!) getting broken in.

Now, for the rambling.  First of all, I just finished the book “Iodine” by Haven Kimmel and I gotta tell you, folks, I just don’t know.  I think maybe it made me mad.  Has anyone else read it?  If so, let’s talk.

Second, The Walking Dead is back on AMC and I am thrilled.  I thought Sunday’s episode was good and I no longer think Rick is as ill-suited for the post-apocalyptic world as I originally thought he was.  I was sort of on Team Shane before, thinking his brutality was better suited for a world inhabited by the walking dead but now I think he might just be a sociopath.

Third, I have a super fun, totally awesome weekend planned.  I am going to be spending Saturday with my bestie Jodee and Sunday, I finally (finally!) get to meet Kelsey from Charming Pumpkin!!!  I anticipate shenanigans.

Fourth, it’s a three day weekend!!!!!  (The exclamation points indicate how very excited I am by the prospect of NOT coming to work on Monday).

Finally, Happy Friday, Everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!