Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pants Formerly Known as Oxblood

Last year at this time, these pants were my "oxblood" cords.  This fall, they are my "wine" cords:

Because, apparently, oxblood is out this year.  That's not to say this color is out.  No, if you added something in this color to your wardrobe last year, rest assured you can continue to wear it this fall and winter.  But, you will need to refer to it as wine, otherwise you'll look dated. Heaven forfend.

Today I paired my oxblood wine cords (Banana Republic, similar) with a peach sweater (thrifted, similar).  I added a pair of dark teal velvet flats (Old Navy, similar) and a wool floral scarf (gifted, similar) to tie it all together.

Or something like that. 

Remember, kids; wine, not oxblood.

And have a happy Tuesday,