Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Like A Pro

I've always wondered how other bloggers were able to layer button-up blouses under their dresses without looking lumpy.  Was  it a trick of the light?  Did they have the assistance of birds & mice to make it work?  Was there some sort of Hogwarts for Bloggers, a Blogwarts if you will, that taught them how to perform this bit of magic?

Turns out the answer to all of those is no (well, Blogwarts is a maybe).  Turns out that all you have to do is find the right dress and the right blouse and, et voila, you've layered like a Blogwarts-trained pro.  This weekend, I found the right dress:

Target dress, Gap blouse, Born boots & vintage brooch

And I layered it over the right blouse:

I also added my vintage lion pin because, as I told you, I'm into big cats right now:

So, what makes this the right dress (for me)?  Well, it's a ponte knit, which means it's a heavier knit, which makes for smoother layering than a thin knit.  It's also a looser fit, which means there is room under it to add a blouse.  And, it has a flared skirt which gives extra room around my hips, which is where I need it most. 

And the blouse?  What makes it so great?  Well, it's very lightweight, practically sheer, which allows it to fit smoothly under the dress.  Also, it's mustard (hooray) and has a bow (double hooray). 

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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