Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Posing, Clapping, Shoes and the Conga

So, do y'all know Jen?  She blogs over at Librarian For Life and Style and is a fellow Portland blogger and is funny and smart and smiley.  Well, I had the opportunity to meet up with her the other day and it was fabulous.

We had lunch and talked about blogging, Kate's hair, our hair, Dubai, clapping and smiling.  And, afterwards, we took some photos because we're professionals, damnit.  Okay, well, Jen is; I actually forgot my camera.  Happily for me, Jen is also super nice and was kind enough to take some pictures of both of us.

Here is what I wore:

Little known fact (unless you follow me on Twitter), I wear house-dresses all the time.  Everywhere.  Not just in the house.  In fact, I'm wearing one as I write this.  True story, morning glory.  I also laugh a lot while walking.  (That one is less true, but still valid).

And here is what Jen and I did during our photo shoot...

We posed:

We clapped:

I believe I was demonstrating my "Paula Abdul" method of clapping.

We pondered our footwear:

And we conga'd:

So, you know, the usual things you do when meeting another blogger.

For Jen's take on our meeting, be sure to visit her here.

Thank you, Jen, for meeting up with me.  And thank you to Jen's Sam for taking our photos!

Happy Wednesday, All!


P.S. We didn't really do the conga, but that photo makes me think of doing the conga back in Cuba before the revolution so I went with it.

P.P.S. I was not actually in Cuba before the revolution.