Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Peach and a Polka Dot Lady-Tie

This sweater is peach:

It looks pink.  Oh well.

Not that that there would be anything wrong with pink, but I swear it’s peach.   And I did pair my peach sweater (thrifted via Goodwill) with a polka dot lady-tie (thrifted silk via St. Vincent de Paul).  I also wore a houndstooth skirt (thrifted via Goodwill) and added cream tights (Target) and pointed-toe booties (Luxury Rebel “Yuma” via Piperlime).

I have to say, I feel all soft and fuzzy in this outfit, what with the subdued hues and the fluffy hair:

Especially in comparison to yesterday’s look.  Soft and fuzzy wasn’t necessarily my intention with today’s look (I don't think I had one outside of warmth and minimal drying time), but, I guess I’ll take it.

Happy Tuesday, All!